STEP 1. Click Buy Now bottom. 

STEP 2. Click Pay with Credit or Debit Card. 

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STEP 3. Insert card information.  Billing address and
contact information. Then click
Pay Now bottom.

STEP 4. This step important. When you order successfully.

This page not create paypal account but  Click "Not now"

at the bottom.

STEP 5. Click Return to Merchant.

STEP 6. You can download E-book this page. Click Download Book bottom.

STEP 7.  Signup for receive

Wealthaff™ Elite Affiliate Program. by Click Sign Up Now bottom

STEP 8. Register put your information into  form.

click I agree and Click Signup 

After successfully signed up. 

You will receive a welcome email.

And wait 24 hours when the system is approved,

you will get an email to set a new password to use Wealthaff™ Elite Affiliate Program.

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